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Strong allegation but no evidence, says Rwanda’s Foreign Minister.

Magnus Mazimpaka


louise_mushikiwabo.jpgIn lieu of recent allegations that the Rwandan government is targeting certain Rwandan nationals living in the United Kingdom, Magnus Mazimpaka, spoke with Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Mushikiwabo to assess the accuracy and origins of the sensitive reports:

How do you respond to allegations that Rwanda was plotting to assassinate two Rwandans living in the UK?

First, in December 2010, our high commissioner in London was told by UK officials that there were complaints by a Rwandan woman, Jean Uwamwiza, who lives in London. She made up a story of being harassed. The UK checked to verify her allegations and they found nothing. This time around, we get stories of the government of Rwanda intending to harm two members of the Rwandan community in the UK. I asked our High Commissioner in London to find out and all we are told is that there is reliable evidence.

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