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Captain Mbaye Diagne: An unknown true Hero of Hotel Rwanda.

El Memeyi Murangwa


captain_mbaye_diagne.jpgOn May 31, 1994 the life of Captain Mbaye Diagne the true Hero of Hotel des Milles Collines in Rwanda ended up accidently after being hit by a mortar shell which landed on his Jeep when he approached a check point on his way to UN Headquarter with a message from a Rwandese army Officer, Augustin Bizimungu to Commander Dallaire of UNAMIR.  

Senegalese Army officer and a United Nations military observer during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Captain Mbaye saved many lives. He did through a continuous risky rescue missions at great peril to himself, but his tremendous work is being claimed by an impostor who collect award and money to be used not for humanitarian purpose but to disturb the Great Lake Region.

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