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Rwanda charges Congo plotting attacks with Hutu rebels.

The Gulf Today



KIGALI: The Rwandan government on Thursday accused Kinshasa of renewing co-operation between its army and a Rwandan Hutu rebel group operating in the east of DR Congo, with a view to launching attacks on Rwanda.

Kigali itself is accused of backing a mutiny in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a charge it denies.

A Rwandan presidency spokeswoman said an official in DR Congo’s North Kivu province, where the commander of the Rwandan Hutu rebel group Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) is based, is tasked with persuading the FDLR to resume co-operation with the DRC army and to “plan terror attacks on Rwanda.”

“Two FDLR political cadres, travelling on Belgian passports, are currently in Rutshuru in North Kivu to meet the FDLR command and convince them to resume co-operation with the Congolese army,” spokeswoman Yolande Makolo said.

She identified the men as Faustin Murego and Joseph Nzabonimpa, both resident in Belgium, and gave the numbers of the passports on which they are travelling.

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