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DRC Colonel Defects

By Nixon Segawa


The DRC army faced yet another big blow after one of its top commanders at the rank of Colonel defected with 60 soldiers.

Colonel Richard Bisamaza, the acting commander of the first sector of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) abandoned his work station in Beni (North-Kivu), before fleeing 60 kilometers northwest of the province.   Bisamaza’s motive remains unclear but sources say he had defied an order to report to his superiors in Kinshasha.


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Le feu et la machette

L'Agence d'Information


 Les cours et recours d’une histoire douloureuse dans une crise sans fin

Depuis 9 ans jour par jour, l’acte de génocide de Gatumba, dont les responsables courent toujours, évoque la tragédie congolaise d’un Etat bâti sur la haine raciale et dont les raisons semblent aujourd’hui partagées par les grandes puissances et les hautes instances des Nations Unies.

Today, exactly 9 years ago, day by day, the Gatumba massacre, an act of genocide, was a Congolese tragedy whose perpetrators are still at large. The tragedy is the image of a state built on hatred and racial division, which seems today to be shared by the Western powers and the top executives as well as the entire structure of United Nations.

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