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M23 Write To Museveni

In a letter dated November 11, which Chimpreports has seen, M23 President, Bertrand Bisiimwa, says the Movement’s ex-combatants “feel insecure in the process of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration under the supervision of DRC forces that rejected a ceasefire proposal for over a year.”



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Antoinette Kankindi


kobler.jpgFor international media, all working for the French agenda in the African Great Lakes region, rebels' defeats sell more than the Congolese government victories, always. That is why you saw AP triumphantly announcing the alleged surrender of General Makenga yesterday. Of course, all journalists jumped unto such juicy news and repeated all the same line. what is puzzling is that the Government of Uganda has not made any declaration. i am not going to speculate about their reasons for not doing so. What I'd like to say is that those journalists are usually too quick to be objective. Besides, they will not dare to tell you that Makenga's men are still is the DRC with their armament , that would not sell and Ladsous guys cannot allow any media to say that. It would be an acknowledgement of yet another UN failure in the DRC.

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