CNDP: Political Stand.

 The Political Stand of our Movement according to the security situation in Eastern Congo.


Bwiza, 21/09/07



Concern: Political stand

We, General Laurent NKUNDA MIHIGO, Chairman of the National Congress for People’s Defense (CNDP) and CHEF OF
HIGH COMMAND OF CONGOLESE NATIONAL ARMY (ANC). From our Political Headquarter of Bwiza in North-Kivu, take
this opportunity to address to the National and International Community, The Political Stand of our Movement
according to the security situation in Eastern Congo.

01.        All of us know that it was in December 2006 that hostilities started in Noth-Kivu opposing our forces to
government forces in Sake; At that time, a cease-fire was agreed on and negotiation took place in Kigali-capital city of
the Republic of Rwanda under Rwandan President’s mediation represented by Gen. James KABAREBE, Chief of
General Staff of Rwandan Defense Forces, where the government of Kinshasa was represented by Lt-Gen. John
NUMBI. From those negotiations of Kigali a Gentleman Agreement was established and the process of “mixage” was
to start as a process to go for the Integration of the National Army. After a so-long walk in “mixage” process, we were
surprised to listen on the National Radio that the government of Congo has stopped the process of “mixage” and
chosen for a forced “brassage” process.





02.        One day, on Monday 27th August 2007, we were surprised by an attack of Government forces in one of our
operational Headquarter of Mushaki at 30Kms west of Goma. And hostilities started again. We managed with the
participation of UN FORCES and an Investigation Team in order to establish responsibilities in Mushaki incident but the
8th military region organized a general attack and additional troops as 6th Brigade, 13th Brigade, 14th Brigade and
15th Brigade were moved to join the theatre. As it was not enough, Negatives forces as FDLR-Interahamwe, Mai-Mai
and PARECO were given FARDC uniform dress, arm and ammunitions and were mixed with FARDC to fight our forces.
Some prisoners of war from above coalition were handed over to UN FORCES as evidence.

03.        On Thursday 6th September 2007, the Government of Congo through UN FORCES asked for a cease-fire in Sake
which was accepted by us as a way to restart the broken peace process. In the way to reinforce that cease-fire, many
position actions were taken by our movement to ensure by all means that we remain attached to peace-process.
Some of those position actions are:

1.        On September 9th – over 3 hundreds persons including officers, men and families from Government forces
were handed over to UN forces by our Movement in Kitshanga and were dropped safely to Goma by UN Forces.
2.        On 13th September- Child-Soldiers from Mai-Mai and FDLR prisoners of war and at least 6 additional FDLR
prisoners of war and at least 6 additional FDLR soldiers were handed over to UN FORCES in Kitshanga.

3.        On September 16th – A decision was taken to withdraw forces from their positions of Sake town because the
population was living under stress due to the closest positions between our troops and government forces. That
position was left to UN FORCES.

4.        On September 17th – some Mai-Mai soldiers captured in Kitshanga attack of September 9th were also handed
over to UN FORCES in Kitshanga for demobilization process.

5.        At the end, through UN FORCES, we proposed to send progressively our troops for “brassage’’ under UN FORCES
assistance and at least one thousands of our troops were ready for the first stage but no response was given from
the government side. Now, we were expediting to have a way-out from the recent visit of the President of DRC in
Goma; but unfortunately his speech was as radical as we wouldn’t expect…
First- President Kabila said that he can’t ever listen or talk to Gen. NKUNDA nor to CNDP.
Second- President Kabila said that the CNDP war intend to create an Army for Tutsi Community.
That was seen as a call for popular hatred against Tutsi which can degenerate in genocide- despite that CNDP is not a
Tutsi Movement even if it claims for Tutsi and other minorities’ protection.
Moreover, President Kabila called all Provincial Authorities and the people to support the government decision of ‘’No
listen and No talk for ever’’ with Gen. NKUNDA and CNDP Movement.
That’s why, on behalf of myself and of National Congress for People’s Defense (CNDP), we take this opportunity to give
to both National and International Opinion our official Political Stand in seven points:

1.        We are for peace and we maintain the cease-fire unless we will be attacked;
2.        We still very concerned by the situation of our families living in refugees camps in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi
because of the presence of negative forces operating in Eastern Congo.
3.        We are also concerned by that coalition of government forces FARDC and Negatives forces and also a genocide
ideology taking place in DRC.
4.        We are ready to go through peace-talks with the Government of DRC and get a political win-win solution to the
5.        We are ready to accept army offer of mediation which may come from any neutral and Democratic country.
6.        We propose that Negative forces must be disarmed and, or sensitized to go back to their countries voluntarily or
resettled in refugees camps in Congo.
7.        We want to get at end a secured country, a reconciled people and to be allowed to serve in an honored National


Gen. Laurent NKUNDA MIHIGO (*)

(*)General Laurent NKUNDA MIHIGO:

–        Born in Rutshuru territory, in North-Kivu on February 6th 1967;
–        I’m married plus 6;
–        I have a bachelor degree in psychology;
–        I joined the Rwandan Patriotic Army in 1993;
–        I joined Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation (AFDL) of Mzee Laurent Désiré KABILA in 1996 to
overdraw Dictator MOBUTU;
–        I joined Congolese Democratic Rally (RCD) in 1998;
–        I was appointed Brigade General in 2003 by RCD and appointed 2nd Division Commander of RCD in Goma.
–        I refused to go to Kinsahsa in Transition due to lack of security memo in Sun-City agreement which was only a
political agreement.
–        In 2004, I was called to stop killings of Banyamulenge (Tutsi of South-Kivu) in Bukavu.
–        In 2003- I played a major role in reconciliation of BAHEMA and BALENDU- two tribes of Ituri where fighting and I
succeeded it.
–        In 2005- August – We created with other officers the Military Counsel for The People’s Defense (CMDP).
–        In 2006- on 25th July we created the National Congress for People’s Defense (CMDP) and I was appointed
Chairman of the Movement. 

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