Keza Ruzima: The Friendship Mess.

The Friendship Mess: An amazing book from a 12 years girl.


keza_ruzima.jpgAmanda Collerman, Rebecca Anderson and Ashley Taylor live in the same neighbourhood, attend the same school, play sports together, and shop together-in fact, they do almost everything together.  After all, they are best friends and there are normal things that best friends do.  They encounter problems at school with teachers and some of the popular kids make life difficult, but when the girls start arguing and fighting with each other over the sleepovers, cheerleading, their siblings, and other everyday things- their friendship turns into mess.  Is their frienship over, or will it be strong enough and will the three girls be brave enough to clear the mess and save their tricky relationship ? 229 pp.

Keza Ruzima is a 12 year old girl who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She is also a young writer who has just published her first novel,published by Baico Publishing Inc. Keza is currently working on her second book "The Perfect Birthday Party" that will introduce her book series called BFFL (Best Friends For Life).

Keza is also a passionate activist against all kinds of suffering the children have to endure around the world. She is particularily involved in helping those in need by donating 80% of her book sale royalties to the orphans victims of the genocide in Darfur and the 1994 genocide in her parents' home country (Rwanda).

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