Public Statement from the CNDP Political Office: 

01.     Reliable sources in touch with MONUC and close to the high command of FARDC indicated that on 21st November 2007, a meeting took place at the MONUC headquarters in Goma, North-Kivu. It was a high level meeting bringing together the Commandant of MONUC forces, Division General BABACAR Gaye and the FARDC chief of staff, Lieutenant-General Dieudonné KAYEMBE with their respective close collaborators. 

02.     The decision taken in that meeting is judged by the CNDP as of heavy consequences with regard to the humanitarian crisis already underway for the populations in Masisi and Rutshuru particularly. On the other hand the heavy and unfortunate consequences foreseen by the CNDP are going to affect not only those populations but also the whole Province of Norh-Kivu as well as the whole country and the region in general. Indeed, from the outcome of that meeting it is clear that the United Nations Mission in the Congo (MONUC), up to now considered as the guardian of peace and respect of international law in the country, and as such a facilitator in the complex conflict, has decided to take part and sides with the FARDC in their war against the CNDP. The pretext argued by BABACAR for this extremist stand is that all peaceful means in solving the crisis haven been fully explored in vain. The CNDP is challenging this former French legionary to produce the slightest piece of proof of his claim, which shows nothing but bad faith. 


03.     From the beginning of the conflict CNDP has been requesting for a dialogue with the government. The first positive answer was the meeting in Kigali which led to the process of “Mixage”, a process which later was boycotted MONUC, the President of the Republic and the Government in a bid to protect the genocidaire FDLR/Interahamwe, which were to be targeted by the mixed forces as their first duty. The CNDP wants to stress the fact that whenever it has conquered FARDC positions, it has always withdrawn at MONUC request, showing by that to which point the Movement intended to remain open for dialogue between the belligerent forces. This was the case in Sake twice, in Katale, Rugari end yesterday in Rutshuru. Consequently it is urgent to state that BABACAR Gaye’s allegation is false and tries to justify the unjustifiable. These last days, despite the de facto ceasefire, as the whole world has witnessed, the FARDC-FDLR coalition has worked to provoke the CNDP by repeatedly attacking its positions with the scope forcing them into fault so as to give Kinshasa a reason to boycott the recently signed Nairobi agreement. 

04.      This agreement signed on November 9th in Nairobi singled out, as it is well known, the main cause of insecurity in the East of the country that is the genocidaires FDLR now allied of FARDC. The agreement requested explicitely from the DRC to produce by December 1st a plan for dismantling and eradicating the presence of those genocidaire forces from our country.  

05.     National and International opinion must take notice now, that there are accumulated material evidences of the coalition between FARDC and the Rwandan genocidaire forces FDLR/ex-FAR7Interahamwe. Besides the fact that the CNDP is in possession of unquestionable proof of the said coalition, especially from the FDLR officials captured in Bunagana on October 20th, MONUC reports known by the diplomatic representatives have regularly established the peaceful cohabitation, the active collaboration existing between the government forces and the genocidaire FDLR.  A few number of those reports can illustrate this :  

            Daily sitrep September 16, 2007 by which captain NGAZI Zeames reported positions in which the FARDC 6th Brigade and FDLR were deployed side by side. ; 

           Daily report September 25, 2007 reporting a mixed meeting held on September 23, 2007 in Ishasha, Rutshuru territory with the participation of the Commandant of the 63rd battalion, the 6th brigade and FDLR officials; 

           Daily sitrep November 7, 2007 : this report details the meeting that took place in MBINGI, Lubero territory and which involved FDLR colonel Musare and FARDC lieutenant André. About this specific meeting Monuc is shocked, in the report, by the flagrant contradiction adopted by Congolese authorities who usually deny the good relations existing between FARDC and FDLR on one hand, and on the other, what official of both forces live daily in a friendly cohabitation. 

Moreover, as an attachment to this Statement, the CNDP is publishing a Map displaying all positions held conjointly by FARDC and FDLR/ex-FAR/Interahamwe, together with the names of officers commanding units therein deployed.  

06.     The CNDP has always indicated that the massive, murderous and prolonged presence of the genocidaire forces in North-Kivu Province constitutes the major reason perpetuating the exile of the Tutsi community in neighboring countries. But the CNDP has also always stressed the fact that those genocidaire forces are the main cause of the ever increasing internal displacement of our populations since they have been and still are in all impunity pillaging, raping and massacring our country men, women and children. The indifference of the Congolese leadership before this is disheartening and its cynicism is even greater because the government has decided to recruit those criminals, equip them, train them and use them as a replacement for the national army which is in a sorry state. In summary, the Government of the Republic has done everything to turn those criminal into improbable protectors of the Congolese people  

07.     By siding with FARDC against the CNDP, getting actively involved into this war, MONUC has chosen, ipso facto the side of the genocidaire forces who are spearheading FARDC. The CNDP considers that in doing so, MONUC is insulting the victims of genocide and despisingly mocking the Congolese populations who are suffering daily from the barbaric exactions at the hands of FDLR/ex-FAR/Interahamwe in Kabare, Walungu in South-Kivu ; in Kongolo, Kabalo, Manono and Kamina in Katanga ; in Masisi, Rutshuru, Walikale and Lubero in North-Kivu and in the wholo province of Maniema.  

08.     Under no circumstances will CNDP tolerate such shameful treason to the Congolese people, precisely by those who claim to hold legitimate exercise of power from elections or those who claim to hold their legitimacy from a United Nations mandate. For everybody’s record, we must recall that while the genocide of Tutsis took place in Rwanda, France argued to be defending a legitimate government, only to find herself on the side of genocidaires. Apparently the world has not learned the lesson because MONUC has just decided to repeat the macabre experience. This is why the CNDP takes note of the deliberate decision of MONUC to become a belligerent in the camp of FARDC and FDLR/ex-FAR/Interahamwe. Before history, MONUC shall, from now onwards account fully for the consequences of this choice and respond for, if necessary, before Nations tribunal. 



Done in Bwiza,  November 22,  2007





Pour la Direction Politique, Le CHAIRMAN 


Gen. De Brigade  




Positions held conjointly by FARDC and FDLR/ex-FAR/Interahamwe 



1.Axis Rutshuru to  Kanyabayonga under Major Pipiyu,  

2. Axis Kitagoma-kihito-buganza-katwiguru-nyamilima-Nyamwisi ; commanded by Col. Jean CLAUDE 

3. Axis Ngwenda-Kiseguru-Busesa-Kabuhendo-chondo-NyakakomaColonel  Rushidi and second is major Victor. 

4. Axis Kahumiro-Kirama-kinyamuyagha-Birundure-Mirangi-Chaghala ; under col. DAMAS 

5. KASAKE-Montana Batallion  

6. Montana battalion, KASHEBERE, Under colonel SADIKI 

Nyamulagira HQ at KibumbaApproximativly1 batallion  

Jomba  and Busanza, HQ Buramba, approximately 2,000 troops   









Support to 2d  et  9th brigade   


Support to 6th  brigade     

Support to the 6th brigade and  mayimayi  of colonel SAMI    


Support to 13th batallion of   15th brigade at Nyanzale   

Support to 14th brigade of de  Col. RUGAYI  

 Support to  82th brigade of Col. Yav


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