Boston 2012: It is a Rwanda Day.












I am in the USA, walking down the streets of Boston, MA

With Rwandans and friends from US, Canada and beyond

Led by graceful Amaliza and Abahizi dancers,

Accompanied by proud Imanzi Youth Drummers,

Chanting “Turaje” all the way to Westin Copley Place. 


It is Rwanda Day,

they chant, dance and applaud,

The day to celebrate and reinstate our Agaciro;

To sing your glare and proclaim your high facts,

Achieved against all odds in the last 18 years,

Star of Africa, your pride is worth your esteem.

I am mesmerized by the rainbow-like colors view,

Blue is wrapped around our happiness and peace,

Yellow is emblematic of our economic development,

Green signifies our pledge for hope of prosperity,

The Sun is a composite image of our enlightenment. 


We are honored to have H.E. President Paul Kagame,

To shade more light on the unrivaled progress of Rwanda.

We are joined by many distinguished Rwandan officials,

Talented Rwandan artists and business-minded people,

To chart the course to achieve vision 2017 and beyond. 


 I am hearing “Rwanda Nziza”: Beautiful Rwanda,

Sang by thousands to eulogize their loyalty to you.

I a full of pride and joy, as our flag is risen high,

As a symbol of national unity and respect for work,

As symbol of heroism and confidence in the future. 


 It is Rwanda Day, it is not a dream; this is our time.

Our time to showcase our contributions in the nation building,

Our time to learn about untapped opportunities in Rwanda,

To interact with potential investment partners and potential lenders,

At Rwanda Day, we stand strongly united as one people in one nation.


Yvette Nyombayire Rugasaguhunga

Rwanda Day 2012 in poetry

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