Rwanda: President Kagame calls for integrated efforts.

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senator_teddy_gacinya.jpgPresident Paul Kagame today presided over the swearing-in ceremony of the incoming senator Teddy Gacinya and three other lawmakers; Ambassador Zeno Mutimura, Marie Josée Kankera and Ngabo Semahundo Amiel.

Senator Teddy Gacinya replaces Aloys Inyumba, who is currently the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion.

She is among five other senators with one year mandate in the upper chamber of Parliament, of which two were appointed by President Paul Kagame, while the remaining 3 were endorsed by the consultative forum of political parties in Rwanda.

Marie Josée Kankera replaces Aimable Nibishaka who died last month, while Semahundo replaces Ashinzwuwera Dumas Alexander who lost his parliamentary seat after he allegedly physically assaulted his young brother – a case that ended up in court.

Honorable Zeno Mutimura replaces Alfred Gasana, who has been appointed the new head of internal security in the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

In his key note address, President Paul Kagame urged Rwandans to integrate their efforts and to have the will to participate in Rwanda’s development journey.

Responding to likely confusion and questions as to why senator’s term is about to come to an end, Augustin Habimana, Parliament communications officer, told Radio Rwanda, the senatorial statute, stipulates that there has to be 6 senators to begin their term one year late on schedule, which automatically pushes their mandate to end one year after senatorial term.

He explains that this approach aims at teaching incoming senators their new responsibilities.

Rwanda’s Constitution provides that a senator replacing a deceased senator or who was signed other duties, is not allowed to contest for a senatorial seat once his or her term expires.

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