Rwanda welcomes Norwegian court’s orders to extradite Bandora Charles.

Daniel Gakuba



charles_bandora.jpgA Norwegian Court has ruled that Genocide fugitive, Charles Bandora, is extradited to Rwanda to face charges of committing Genocide related atrocities.

Speaking to Radio Rwanda, the head of the Genocide Fugitives Tracking Unit, John Bosco Siboyintore said that the Olso court passed the ruling against Bandora on Monday, subject to appeal.“The Olso City Court, on July 11 granted the extradition request which had been applied for by Rwanda,” Siboyintore said.

He, however, added that according to the Norwegian law, such a court decision can be appealed against in three days.

“The decision by the Oslo Court is a positive development and we highly welcome it. We are still going to wait for the final court ruling,” added Siboyintore.

Bandora was a businessman and influential member of the former ruling party MRND. He is accused of having financed the training and arming of Interahamwe militia in Bugesera, Eastern Province.

He is also charged with the killing of 400 Tutsis who had sought refuge at Ruhuha church between April 7 and 13, 1994.

According to prosecution, Bandora is also accused of killing Ezekiel Mugenzi and looting his property as well as another victim identified as Gratien Murangira.

Bandora was arrested on June 8 last year as he tried to enter Oslo Airport with fake identity, posing as Frank Kamwana, a Malawian national.



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