USA: President’s Call with President Kagame.

The White House



President Obama spoke today with President Kagame to discuss the situation in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  President Obama underscored that any support to the rebel group M23 is inconsistent with Rwanda’s desire for stability and peace. President Obama emphasized to President Kagame the importance of permanently ending all support to armed groups in the DRC, abiding by the recent commitments he made in Kampala along with Presidents Kabila and Museveni, and reaching a transparent and credible political agreement that includes an end to impunity for M23 commanders and others who have committed serious human rights abuses.  President Obama expressed his belief that from this crisis should emerge a political agreement that addresses the underlying regional security, economic, and governance issues while upholding the DRC’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and noted that he had also delivered this message to President Kabila.  President Obama and President Kagame also discussed the longstanding governance problems in the DRC.  President Obama welcomed President Kagame’s commitment to moving forward in finding a peaceful solution for eastern DRC.


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