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RDC- General Laurent Nkunda: standing to protect his own people.

El Memeyi Murangwa

gl_laurent_nkunda.jpgIt can be hard for anyone to understand what is really going on in “Democratic” Republic of Congo, known also as Zaire (Belgian Congo). Let me take you back in history before Congo was colonized by Belgians. Located in center of Africa this huge land was formed by different Kingdoms: Congo at the west, Lunda in the south west, Luba in the south east; Azande in the northern part and Rwanda at the east part of the unknown land. Others tribes were living under small sultanates. After the Portuguese Diego Cao discovered the embouchure of Congo River, in 1482 sent by King João II (= John II) of Portugal who revived interest in the quest for a sea route around Africa to India (see: stone pillar (padroe) dedicated to St. George at São Antonio de Zaire). After came Belgians to colonize the new territory and King Leopold II called it Congo, because of the long river crossing the country from south east to the west, before falling in the Atlantic Ocean.

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