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None kuwa gatatu tariki ya 01 Kamena 2011, Inama y’Abaminisitiri yateraniye muri Village Urugwiro, iyobowe na Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika, Paul KAGAME.

1. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje Imyanzuro y’Inama y’Abaminisitiri yo ku itariki ya 11/05/2011, imaze kuyikorera ubugororangingo.

2. Inama y’Abaminisitiri yemeje imishinga y’amategeko ikurikira:

  • Umushinga w’Itegeko rigena ingengo y’imari ya Leta y’umwaka wa 2011-2012;
  • Umushinga w’Itegeko rihindura kandi ryuzuza itegeko ryo kuwa 27/05/2006 rigena kandi rishyiraho imitunganyirize y’umusoro wakwa ku byaguzwe ku bicuruzwa bimwe na bimwe bitumijwe mu mahanga n’ibikorerwa mu Rwanda;

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Rwanda: Minister challenges experts to expand TB surveillance.

Official Website


the_health_minister.jpgKigali – The Minister of Health, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho has called for increased health information and surveillance for detection and monitoring of multidrug-resistant as well as extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) across the continent. Dr. Binagwaho made these remarks during the official opening ceremony a five-day workshop on Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR) which brings together experts from 17 English Speaking countries of Africa.

“We are very happy to host such a high level meeting in Kigali because it gives us an opportunity to better manage our health sectors. Tuberculosis knows no borders so when we only manage TB and not MDR, our efforts would be in vain,” she said.

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Rwanda: 10 Questions for Paul Kagame.

By Belinda Luscombe



president_paul_kagame.jpgSeventeen years on, how has Rwanda dealt with the aftermath of the genocide?
We had a National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, which brought all Rwandans of different backgrounds together to discuss their past, our past, what went wrong and how we can find a remedy. I think people are trying to say, we are better than this. We didn’t deserve this. We can draw lessons from our history but not be trapped there.

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