Rumors from Kampala!

Mushaki Pager



Kinshasa does not know how to do things quietly even when that is Kabila's intention! This is what seems to have happened. Kabila's top diplomat, not Tshibanda, but none other than Malu Malu has come and left Kampala in the space of few hours. I call him the top diplomat, but maybe I shouldn't since he was with Raymond Tshibanda, on paper the foreign affairs minister. So how shall consider Malu Malu the trusted man for the Rais. The indispensable head of the electoral body, the one who supposedly was coming to Kampala with the hummer to finish off the M23. For the Congolese people, it should be important to understand why Tshibanda cannot negotiate the peace in Kivu, and it has to be Malu Malu, in the other life we will know.

At the moment, let's try to follow the sequence of events plus the rumor. Not long ago, the GoE UN report came out. When we thought we have finished dealing with that, a few Western media are still singing that one key data revealed was that M23 and FDLR are weakened militias, which Kinshasa and FARDC officers believed to the letter.

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