Rwanda will not be drawn into this conflict.

Republic of Rwanda




rwanda-logo.jpgRwanda’s foreign minister Louise Mushikiwabo today described allegations by DRC government spokesperson, Lambert Mende, as very unfortunate.     “It is regrettable that DRC has chosen to make allegations in the media shortly before we were to sign the joint verification taskforce report, whose purpose is to sift through allegations and separate fact from fiction.”

Minister Mushikiwabo said that it is was tragedy for the people of the eastern DRC that its government has chosen to fall for a big lie, and it is these people who would suffer from any resurgence of xenophobia.

“We understand that the government in the DRC is facing multiple challenges on several fronts and that using Rwanda as a scapegoat is an attempt to distract and deflect attention away from these domestic crises. We have said repeatedly that we are not involved, and there is no evidence to the contrary. The failure of DRC to fix its long-standing problems are unfortunately is spilling over to the neighbourhood”

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