La Diaspora Congolaise des USA en deuil : Maman Caritas nous a quitté.




caritas_1.jpgMadame Ndinda Caritas, née Caritas Rwigema Rukondo nous a quitté,  le 01 octobre 2008  de suite d’une maladie. 

Epouse de Dieudonné Ndinda Mahina, et mère de 5 enfants : Didier, Micheline, Lorien, Carine et André, Maman Caritas était pleine d’amour pour sa famille, mais aussi savait bien vivre avec sa communauté.  Catholique pratiquante, elle plaçait le Seigneur Jésus-Christ avant toute chose. L’afflux des nombreux chrétiens vers la paroisse St Esprit de Goma (Congo) dès l’annonce du décès en témoigne. 

Fille de Papa Laurent Rwigema et de Maman Astérie Nyirankumi, Maman Caritas est née le 29 septembre 1955 à Birambizo, Territoire de Rutshuru, Province du Nord-Kivu en République Démocratique du Congo.  

Elle a été accompagnée à sa dernière demeure à Greenwood Cemetery West de Nashville, Tennessee ce 11 octobre 2008 par plusieurs frères et sœurs venus des quatre coins des Etats Unies d’Amérique et du Canada. 

Que son âme repose en paix.



Caritas, daughter of Laurent Rwigema and Asterie Nyirankumi, was born on September 29th, 1955 in Birambizo town, territory of Rutshuru in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

She was third of eight children. She completed her elementary school in Bishusha and secondary school in Goma. 

She then attended ISAM, a College of Arts in Kinshasa. On February 14th ,  she married Dieudonne Ndinda Mahina. She is survived by her husband and their five children: Didier, Micheline, Lorien, Carine, and Andre. 

Caritas was a lovely wife, mother, and grand-mother.  She was a fervent Christian and always put Jesus first in everything that she did. Caritas was a peaceful woman of exceptional courage.  For instance, every time her husband traveled for his business trips, she would assume all the family’s responsibilities.  

Caritas was very protective for her family. Her husband worked as an expatriate in Kigali, Rwanda when the war broke out.  Caritas had the courage to denounce the atrocities to the ambassador of DRC, then Zaire.  Due to her Faith in God and clear-sightedness her entire family was able to return to DRC, formerly Zaire. 

In 1998, she found herself being both Mom and Dad, and was unaware of her husband’s whereabouts in Kinshasa.  For one year, she did not know  whether  her husband was alive or dead; having been separated for four years. 

In 2002, Caritas and her children were able to join their husband and dad in Nashville.  Since then, Caritas worked for the Deli Department at the Kroger. 

She lived a life full of love and generosity. She leaves us at the time when she and her husband were given custody of their grand children, Christian, Arielle, and Elton following the tragic death of their nephew and uncle respectively Alidor Kaburabuza.   


Prayer  by  Françoise Nyongera  


Gracious  God, with faith in the Resurrection, I pray for CaritasI thank you for what we shared in this life.  

With hope, I entrust her to your mercy.  

Purify her and welcome her in your Kingdom where she will see you face to face.  

With blessed anticipation, I look forward to the coming age when with your grace, I shall see you and be united with her again in paradise. 

Eternal rest grant to her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine on her.

May her soul rest in peace .  







The family wishes to express sincere gratitude and deepest appreciation to each of you for all of the many prayers and acts of kindness.  Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you for the part played.  We are asking that you continue praying for our family as we will do the same for each of you. 




The Ndinda Family.






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